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  1. Every Student is expected to have 75% attendance. In case of leave an application by the parents is required .A medical certificate must accompany the leave application in case of illness.
  2. The school lays great stress on a good discipline and modification of behavior of the students. Students are expected they are required to behave politely and avoid vulgarity in talk.
  3. Students are expected to be punctual, regular, courteous and obedient both inside and outside the school.
  4. A sincere efforts are made to inculcate among the students the virtues of sincerity discipline and regards the distinguishes them in society.
  5. Parents are not allowed to go to the class-rooms or meet the teachers during school hours.
  6. A whole hearted and co-operation of parents is solicited in all matters pertaining to physical, emotional, moral and spiritual development of the students.
  7. For the implementation of school rules and regulations, assistance of parents are solicited.