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  1. Parents are not permitted to enter the classroom and meet teachers or students during school hours.
  2. Parents must read and abide by all the rules/instructions laid down in the almanac, parents should also counsel their ward about the rules and use of almanac in their daily routine.
  3. All kinds of communication should be addressed to the Principal/Headmistress, through the class teacher. Do not forget to quote the name, class and section and admission number of your ward.
  4. Any change in address or telephone number must be informed to the school, immediately
  5. Belongings of the student e.g. bag, blazer, water bottle etc. should bear the name, class and section of the pupil. It is the duty of the parents to pay special attention to personal hygiene and tidiness in order to inculcate a sense of cleanliness in them.
  6. You are requested to see that your ward comes school on all working days in proper uniform.
  7. You are advised to go through the almanac every day to assist your child in his studies and ensure the lesson or homework assigned to him/her for the day is completed neatly and promptly.
  8. Remarks put down in the diary should be checked and countersigned regularly.
  9. Parents are hereby advised not to criticize the teacher in the presence of the ward because it causes the student to lose respect and faith in his/her teacher.
  10. There is no substitute to homemade food. It is nutritious, hygienic and tasty. We prefer your ward bringing home cooked food rather than spoiling his eating habit by eating outside food. Excessive spending should be discouraged.
  11. To read, write and speak English is the need of the hour. We make humble request to our dear parents to encourage spoken English at home, as well.
  12. School looks forward to a constant co-operation of the parents in all the matters related to academics and administration for a smooth and regular progress, of the child.
  13. Parents Teacher Meeting is meant for you to visit the school and discuss the result and progress of your ward with the teachers.
  14. Carrying mobiles and electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited in school. The item will be confiscated and severe action will be taken against the defaulters.
  15. Any student involved in anti-disciplinary activities will be put in the Red Column.