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Parents should monitor the telephone calls of their children at home. All calls should be first attended to by the parents and if need be then given to students.


Parents should also discourage students extensive viewing of T.V., cable programmes etc.


Parents should almost daily ask their children as to what has been taught and done in school.


Parents should at-least take one meal together with their children at home in a day.


Parents should ensure that their child/children do not keep bad company and do not go out frequently with their friends etc.


Parents should also ensure that their ward do not invite their friends from out side including ex-students to meet them in school, after the school and after the examinations etc.


Parents to ensure that their wards do not indulge in intoxication or gambling.


Young people should use discretion and consideration in talking about others. Vicious gossip is very destructive.


Young people can benefit from/by participation in various social occasions, but these should be supervised by Adults at all times.


Young students should visit to the library to take maximum benefit from the school library books, Periodicals, magazines and other available literature.


Parents should also ensure that their ward reads the newspaper regularly and writes some creative paragraphs etc.


It is the responsibility of parents to prepare their children for life by bringing them up with good manners.


Students found coming to school in private, self-driven Cars/M. Cycles etc. shall be severely dealt with and their vehicle are liable to be confiscated by the school authorities. Self driven vehicle is not allowed in school according state transport authority instructions.